Clean hydrogen could cut carbon at Wilton International

Clean hydrogen could cut carbon at Wilton International

On 5th August 2021 Sembcorp Energy UK was announced by bp as a potential customer for H2Teesside, the planned clean hydrogen facility that would aim to ‎produce up to 1GW of ‘blue’ hydrogen – 20% of the UK’s hydrogen target – by 2030. Read the press release from bp here.

Blue hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels, however the resulting CO2 is captured and stored – a key element of the energy transition.

At Sembcorp Energy UK, we are committed to decarbonising our Wilton International site and to providing sustainable solutions supporting the UK’s transition to Net Zero.

We are looking at the potential to develop hydrogen infrastructure and how clean hydrogen could be supplied to our combined ‎heat and power plants at our Wilton International site to help us and our on-site customers to lower carbon emissions.

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Read about the different kinds of hydrogen production and the role hydrogen could play in the journey to Net Zero here in this blog from our Strategy Manager, Natalie Lowery.