Sembcorp Energy UK joins forces with Modo Energy to enhance battery storage insights

Sembcorp Energy UK joins forces with Modo Energy to enhance battery storage insights

To help us get the best from our battery storage assets and support the stability of the energy grid, we’ve subscribed to Modo Energy’s market-leading data intelligence platform.

Modo is a data science company dedicated to the energy transition – a passion that aligns with our vision to help drive the transition to a cleaner world. The Modo platform gives us unrivalled intelligence on energy markets and ancillary services – we use this to optimise our energy storage portfolio to maximise value across all markets.

Batteries allow us to store energy and hold it for future use at times when electricity demand increases or when renewable sources aren’t able to deliver. They can also help keep the frequency of the national grid within safe operating limits. As a leading provider of flexible, decentralised power and battery storage, Sembcorp Energy UK helps bridge gaps in supply, ensuring secure, reliable energy for homes and businesses.

Shifts in consumer demand patterns and an ever-increasing reliance on renewables means the UK energy system needs to be flexible and able to respond quickly to changes. This also causes fluctuations in grid frequency, which our 60MW of batteries can help with.

The National Grid Electricity System Operator uses batteries to dynamically manage the UK’s energy system in real-time. Functioning like the cruise control in a car, our batteries automatically increase or decrease their output to ensure that the system frequency remains consistently within safe limits, helping to keep it stable and reduce the risk of power cuts. We’ll be providing further support next year when our battery fleet grows to 120MW.

Ian Tanner, Commercial Operations Manager at Sembcorp Energy UK, commented:

“With a significant fleet of batteries to manage and help support the grid through frequency response, Modo’s data-led platform provides us with key insights, industry news, and real-time market intelligence that is really valuable. We’re happy to work with Modo to provide feedback that will help shape and develop the service.”

Quentin Scrimshire, CEO of Modo Energy, added:

“Working with Sembcorp Energy UK is awesome – they’re serious about the energy transition and so are we. It’s a win-win relationship. Sembcorp gains a real competitive edge by using the Modo platform while our close communication helps us build, test, and deploy new features.”