Towards Net Zero

Enabling a Low Carbon and Circular Economy

Our strategy to help drive the energy transition to Net-Zero and a circular economy incorporates moving towards low-carbon energy generation, innovating to manage resources efficiently, and protecting the places we operate through high standards of environmental management.

As a supplier of flexible power, improving environmental sustainability is at the heart of what we do. By bridging gaps in energy supply, flexible solutions address the intermittency of renewables, ensuring secure supplies for UK homes and businesses as our reliance on renewables grows.

Supporting Net-Zero with innovative technologies

We are actively supporting innovative technologies that will lead the UK to achieving Net-Zero 2050. We have announced a collaboration to help develop the UK’s first Net-Zero emissions power plant at our Wilton International site on Teesside, Whitetail Clean Energy. Find out more here.

Our significant investment in battery storage capacity is key to improving the efficiency and sustainability of the UK energy system, as the UK works to balance carbon emissions released into, and taken out of the atmosphere by 2050. Find out more in our blog Net Zero milestones in the year of COP26.

By enabling our customers to supply and consume power more efficiently, we help them to minimise negative environmental impacts and carbon emissions resulting from their operations, and remove waste from the energy system.

Our significant investments at Wilton International over the last two decades demonstrate our commitment to generating power more sustainably. Our Biomass Power Station Wilton 10 utilises low-grade recycled wood with no other practical use, while our Energy from Waste facility Wilton 11 utilises household residual waste, after recyclable elements have been removed, that would otherwise create 440,000 tonnes of landfill waste per year. Together, these facilities achieve carbon savings of around 330,000 tonnes annually in comparison with power generation from fossil fuels.