Our Commitment to Sustainability

Globally, purpose and passion is to do good and play our part in building a sustainable future, focusing on three sustainability ambitions:

  • Enabling a low-carbon and circular economy
  • Empowering our people and communities
  • Embedding responsible business practices

We recognise that our business activities impact the places and communities in which we operate, both directly and indirectly. We also believe that responsible businesses can play a positive role in society as agents of transformation for a sustainable future.

Sembcorp Energy UK has a deep commitment to sustainability that encompasses our impact on the environment, our people, and our communities, underpinned by responsible and ethical business practices.

We are able to play a significant part in helping the UK to meet its 2050 decarbonisation target with our vision to be a leading provider of sustainable solutions supporting the UK’s transition to Net Zero. Find out more in our blog Net Zero milestones in the year of COP26.

Our Sustainability Framework is closely aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is an essential pillar of our global business strategy – allowing us to deliver long-term value, growth, and benefits for all our stakeholders.